Message From The Director Of Sports

Message From The Director Of Sports:

However, the exposure to various influences and especially colonial domination from the 19th century led to the weakening of traditional socio-political structures. Cultural traditions, other than European Victorian, were denigrated and in many cases outlawed. Even enabling aspects of this culture such as indigenous knowledge and traditional health care systems were ignored or belittled. In this way, the whole social fabric was undermined. In spite of this, our indigenous and early communities continued to attach great value to their culture and struggled to conserve, sustain and promote it.

After Independence, the Government established a Department of Culture charged with the responsibility of ensuring the preservation, promotion and development of a national culture. Subsequently in the 1970s a Ministry of Information and Culture was established charged with enacting laws, creating institutions and recognizing existing organizations in an effort to strengthen the culture function. Then in 1998, the Government went one step further and appointed a Ministry of Culture determined to enhance the performance of the culture function.

The National Sports Commission welcomes you to our most informative Website. We are indeed interesting to enrich the lives of all Guyanese through organized sport. As we provide information about sport from the cradle to the grave and even beyond, we are committed to the development of sport for relaxation, leisure, amateur and professional.It cannot be denied that sports is a business today. We also recognize sport as a social factor that brings people together for peace and harmony.

Our sport programmes are seriously committed to sport development in communities and in schools. We are working to create a positive attitude and genuine interest in sport.

As we salute our elite sport personality and celebrate their achievements we must also be cognizant of our training programme to produce for the future.

The National Sports Commission is indeed proud to showcase to the world our State of the Art Guyana National Stadium at Providence. As for the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall and the National Gymnasium they are also two much more appreciated facilities.

The commitment to a State-of-the-Art Swimming Pool and a Racquet Centre are two other facilities that Guyanese will be proud of. Sport facilities are a must. However, sport Administrators in their various disciplines must be more proactive. The National Sports Commission is willing to work with all National Sports Associations/Federations so that our synergies could yield greater results.

General Objectives

To expose youth to various sport disciplines, thus forming an integral individual by complementing the developmental process.
To provide opportunities for training athletes in a variety of Sport disciplines.
To upgrade coaches technical skills toward developing high class athletes.
To co-ordinate with the National Associations of work done in sport development.
To encourage female participation in sport regardless of age.
To promote and develop various sport disciplines in schools as well as in the community.
To foster greater participation of PWDs in sports.
The National Sports Commission over the years has been discharging functions conferred on it by the Act with effectiveness and credibility.

Core Principles

The promotion of sports – schools, communities, national
The establishment and maintenance of sporting and other facilities.
Partnering with national associations/federations to encourage the attainment of high standards in sports
Providing advisory, financial and information services to individuals and national associations/federations.
Awarding outstanding personalities, associations/ federations in the field of sports.